~ Bat-Shit-Crazy-Good ~

We all know that to get good at any particular discipline, you must practice. 

2013-04-07 01.08.31

But really, not just any willy-nilly practicing will get you far.

2013-04-07 01.08.46

You’ve got to be hard-core about it.  You’ve got to go that extra mile.

2013-04-07 01.08.15

Like getting the right partner to practice with.

2013-04-07 01.09.42

It can make the difference between Crazy-Good, and Bat-Shit-Crazy-Good.

2013-04-07 01.09.48

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One thought on “~ Bat-Shit-Crazy-Good ~

  1. Anonymous

    Oh MAN!! She is SOOO lucky to get to practice with BATMAN! She is gonna’ be the BEST pitcher EVER!!

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