~ Easy Cheese on My Kindle Fire ~

I asked many questions today, which largely went unanswered.  Among them were:

  • “Why is there Easy Cheese on my Kindle Fire?”

  • “Would someone please take the trash out?”

  • “Why does the cat smell like butter?”

  • “Where are my reading glasses?”

  • “Would someone please take the trash out?”

  • “Does anyone know how old this casserole leftover is?”

  • “Why is there half of a candy cane stuck to the toilet seat?”

  • “Would someone please take the trash out?”

  • “When is Basketball practice for Critter tonight?

  • How long does Basketball practice run?

  • Where is it?”

  • Does Critter have basketball practice tonight?”

  • “Why is there one black sock on the kitchen table?  Do we really need to put socks on the surface we eat on?”

  • “Hey?!  Who took the trash out?!”

  • “If you’re going to cough, can you please do so AWAY from everyone’s dinner plates?”

  • “Will you stop trying to melt the bottom of the parmesan cheese shaker on the dinner candle?”

  • “Am I really the only one in this house capable of changing the empty toilet paper roll?”

  • “Would someone please get me a roll of toilet paper from the closet upstairs?”

  • “Please? Come on, I’m stuck here!”

  • “Hello?”

You can tell a lot about a person’s life by the questions they ask.

It’s embarrassing, frankly.

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One thought on “~ Easy Cheese on My Kindle Fire ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Huh – I had that EXACT same conversation with myself yesterday (except I was trying to find out if MY kid had GYMNASTICS – & when)!!

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