~ Dingoes ~

Varmint and Critter and I came down to Bethany Beach, Delaware for the weekend.  It was hot on the beach today…very hot.  And the flies….the flies!  THE FLIES!

They were all over me.  They were all over the kids.  They were swarming…swarming, I tell you!  The kids ran desperately to the water; I slouched miserably in my beach chair, futilely swatting at the hordes of insects trying to suck the life out of me.   There were so many of them they could have carried me away.  It was like they were the Dingos of Bethany, and I their helpless, but very juicy and tasty victim.

I had half a bottle of Bullfrog Sunscreen and Bug Repellant, and doused myself liberally.  They didn’t care; I may as well have basted myself.  They laughed, and still swarmed me; but they didn’t bite.  They just sat on me, eyeing me like I’ve often eyed McDonald’s Sausage Burritos.   Like they knew how delicious I was.  Like I was soon to be in their belly.  Like it wasn’t IF, but rather WHEN it was going to happen.

Chilling, isn’t it?

I began to wonder why the heck I was sitting there instead of safe on the ol’ glider back on the porch of Pop-Pop’s beach cottage.

And then I saw the kids playing in the water.  The most perfect word for it is “Frolicking.”  They were frolicking.  Add To and Fro, and you’ve got the exact picture.  My Varmint and Critter were “Frolicking To and Fro” in the water.

Critter has got the sniffles, and I wasn’t sure this morning that we should come to the beach at all.  But looking at him now, with the warm sand, the sunshine, the salty sea air and water….it was exactly what he needed after a stressful first week of school.  It was exactly what we all needed.

Except for the Dingo flies.

They just plain sucked.

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