~ Shirking The Dishes ~

Tonight was “Take Mama To School Night”.  And by that I mean I was taught a lesson or two.

Critter and Varmint’s friends, Richard and Megan, joined us for our weekly dinner at Grandma Jane’s Orchard.  Tonight Grandma’s boyfriend, Mike Buchanan, joined us on the big screened porch for dinner and hilarity.

Dinner is not always served with hilarity.  But when Mike is over, you can usually expect it to be a side dish, if not the main entrée.  Mike is a retired newscaster, and believe me, he KNOWS how to work his audience.  The kids didn’t know what hit them.

So tonight we were not to be disappointed.  Mike had come with brain-teaser puzzles in hand, and intent to charm.  Both were a complete success.

The evening was spent with all four children completely engaged in the conversation, and respect and love mingled with joy and laughter.

Me, I never expected all of this. In fact, nearly all of my expectations for the evening missed their mark.

I figured the Tuna Noodle Casserole would be pushed away.

Wrong.  Gobbled up.

I figured the kids would want to skidaddle away from the table and not stay to talk to the grandparental units.

Wrong.  They gobbled that up, too.

I figured Mike would grow bored or tired of the 9-year-old and 11-year-old company.

Wrong again.  He enjoyed himself hugely.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say everyone was fed well by the end of that meal.  The kids, with quality time with their elders,

Grandma Jane for seeing her loved ones so happy,

Mike, for seeing his lady-love so content,

and me….

…..for getting out of doing the dishes!





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