~ A Total Brat ~

My Varmint is an imp, pure and simple.  You’d never guess it to look at her.  So sweet and pure and generous, with intelligent eyes that bely a kind heart…she’s every mother’s dream child.

Except for that imp thing.

I wanted to remember a beautiful moment at a beautiful spot in a beautiful state during a beautiful vacation with my beautiful beloveds.  That’s all I really wanted.  Was that so much to ask?

Here’s the spot.

I gathered the my beloveds and took a photo.

Varmint!  Stop it!  Just smile.  We don’t need the goofy tongue, thank you.

No, you may not stick your finger up My Captain’s nose for the picture, either.


I swear you are SUCH an Imp!

AUGH.  You are not right in the head, goofball!

Will you PLEASE be serious?!

Thank you.


CRITTER!  Now why aren’t you smiling?!


I give up.

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One thought on “~ A Total Brat ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    I would have expected Critter to be the one all over the place for the picture! LOL! Way to keep ‘er guessing kids!

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