~ Goofball ~

I love my Varmint so completely.  She’s smart, she’s sensitive, she’s introspective, and most of all, she’s funny.  She loves to laugh and make other’s laugh.

I don’t know where she gets it.

We had taken the kids and their friends to Rehoboth Boardwalk, specifically Funland and Playland, so they could ride the rides that I had ridden when I was a kid.  We do this every year.  Every. Stinkin. Year.

Mind you, we don’t do it because the kids want to.  We do it because Mama is stuck in her childhood and is in denial that time is passing.  So I make the kids ride the same kiddie rides every year.

They take it in stride.  Like I said, they are good kids.  They don’t mind humoring Mama’s weird side every now and again.  But since it isn’t as entertaining for them as it used to be, Varmint makes it fun herself.  She get’s silly for Mama.

Case and point:

Here she is being silly for Mama.

Here is her friend Megan wondering what the heck she is doing.

And then Megan gets it and joins in.

I realize that most of you are like, “Uh, so what? So the kids are being goofy. What’s so special about that?”

Because most of the adults I know wouldn’t think of making a cake of themselves to make someone else smile.  They might crack a joke or something, but not at the expense of their own stature.  Kids will without hesitation, especially my Varmint; it’s sweet.

And I love her for it.

Ok, ok, I make a cake out of myself with regularity, but I think we’ve established that my growth is stunted.

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