~ It All Started With The Doughnuts ~

It began innocently enough.

Our friend Willoughby came to visit us at the beach.  She brought with her toddler son,  my extreme-future fiance, Lane, (who I believe is cheating on me by falling in love with my Varmint, but that is another story,)

and she also brought us doughnuts.

It went downhill from there…..

Oh sure, everyone was pleased to get them, especially My Captain, who grabbed his FAVORITE…Boston Cream Pie Doughnut….before I could even snap a picture of the box:

This picture cracks me up for a couple of reasons:

1) He has food in his mouth and is trying really hard not to show it.


2) He is peeved that I’m taking a picture and is trying really hard not to show it.

Would you just look at his eyes?  He looks like he is about to lob that doughnut at me!  Not that I would complain.

Anyways….back to Willoughby’s doughnuts….  My Captain grabbed his, and then the boys dug in.  And I do mean all the boys.

Critter and his friend, Richard, began chowing on multiple doughnuts.

There was very little chance I would get their attention for a picture at this point, but I kept trying.

A little better.  I got Critter to fix his insulin-drowned gaze on me, and Richard to cock an eyebrow.  …sigh…

It took about half a minute after the ingestion of the last doughnut before the first sugar-induced volley was fired.

Thankfully I double-stitched all of the candy striped pillows, so they can take a beating.

Come to think of it, so can the boys.

If you need me, I’ll be hiding under my bed.

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