~ Pleasant Surprise ~

My friend Vicki, who is all in all one of the coolest chicks I know, is in Australia for a few weeks.

Let me describe Vicki to you first:  Fire Captain, Paramedic, Mother, Babe, Fashionista…you get the picture?  She’s amazing.

Ok, now add to that Adventure traveller.

Hate her yet?  It’s tough not to.

Well, Vicki had to get ready for her trip, and that was no easy feat.  Two boys, a husband, packing, planning, international details to be taken care of…hectic doesn’t begin to describe it.

But it seems in the midst of all of that, she had time to think of little ol’ me and my stinkin’ knee surgery.  Today, the day after my surgery, My Captain snuck out to run “an errand” and came back with this:

That’s right.  She sent me an edible bouquet, and had arranged several days before her trip that My Captain would go pick it up for her.

Those brown things?  Yeah, those are chocolate covered luscious red, sweet and juicy strawberries.  Dear sweet mama!

And the note…very sweet:

Now, not only do I have to be jealous of the fact that she is so accomplished, but now I have to add to that fact the knowledge that she is also more thoughtful and sweet and generous than I will ever be.

I’m really starting to hate her.

(But not as much as I love her.)

I have to say, this is the first fruit bouquet I’ve ever had, and I love, love, LOVE it.  It is so gosh darn fresh!  The company’s name is:

Edible Arrangements.

So fresh!  So juicy!  So yummy, that it’s almost worth getting cut for!

Thank you, Dear Vicki!



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One thought on “~ Pleasant Surprise ~

  1. Anonymous

    You are very much as giving…RUM BALLS!! There is an AA group that has formed from the people that have eatten those rum balls! Be well..see you next month!

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