~ Surgery ~

Tomorrow is my knee surgery.

The day I’m getting cut.

I don’t know what else will happen.  There might be an ACL reconstruction.  There might be a chopping of the Meniscus.  There might be dancing and cheering and angels singing.

I won’t know, I’ll be asleep.

I wonder how many surgeons have picked their noses, or farted, or sneezed on a patient when they are under anesthesia.  It bears asking, but not until after my surgery, I think.

Still, I believe I’ll bathe in Purell after it’s over.

I’m only a little anxious.  I’ve been through far, far worse surgeries than this measly little arthroscopy.  I’ve had organs taken, and my heart burned (oblated) and other gross, and oddly fascinating things done to me.

Most of them legal in the U.S.

I heard a theory that being anesthetized over and over and over again can affect your memory and other mentating parts.  This from Livestrong.com:

“Experience and research suggest potential concerns about cognitive function for  patients who undergo surgery under general anesthesia, according to Harvard  Health Publications. A decline in cognitive ability after surgery has been  observed in both major and more minor surgical procedures.”

So, if post surgery, I don’t remember you, or this blog, or where my belly button is, we’ll know why.

Wish me luck!

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5 thoughts on “~ Surgery ~

  1. AirmanMom

    Prayers will be lifted!

  2. Anonymous

    Ahhhhh….THAT explains what I’ve been meaning to ask you about!!!!

    Meanwhile….see you in the very A.M……

  3. jonnirgiarth

    This procedure is a piece of cake compared to what you have endured.. No Frets needed.. but keep it elevated for three days for the recovery, Other than that I hope they find nothing seriously wrong..

  4. jonnirgiarth

    You my dear will be just fine. How could you possibably feel like you won’t remember things.. You will be able to figure it out with all the clues you should be leaving yourself…lol Thinking of you. I remember when I had mine and the worse thing was trying to use the bathroom with one good leg…So laugh and Good luck…Praying for good news!

  5. Hope all goes well; saying a prayer for you.

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