~ Happy Memorial Day ~

It was past Noon when My Captain asked us if anyone had put the flag at half mast today in honor of Memorial Day.  My Varmint begged to do it, and was running eagerly out the door before anyone had answered.

I felt pride at my daughter’s sense of gratitude and respect for our fallen soldiers.  The men and women who died while making our lives possible.

And I felt deep chagrin for not remembering to put the flag down.  One simple task to honor those who gave me everything without asking for anything in return, and I can’t even remember to lower a flag halfway.

My life, if you read my blog, really has no horrendous difficulties.  The fact that I am able to blather on unhindered about my ridiculous mundanity is a testiment to my freedom of speech.   I have no challenges greater than the average dog.  My kids know very little pain.  There is nothing more valuable to a parent than that knowledge.

And it would not be that way had people before me not sacrificed their lives so we could continue to be free.

And I can’t even remember to lower the flag halfway to show honor to them.

It’s not funny.  It’s awful.  It’s embarrassing.

So why do I even write about it?  Why even post my faux pas publicly?

To remind you:

Don’t forget them…..

because they didn’t forget you.




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