~ Mayberry ~

I get so tired of negative nellies who claim this world is going to hell in a handbasket.  I think that is an entirely pessimistic view brought on by a sensationalist media and a societal preoccupation with drama.   And frankly, that is nothing new….I give you the Roman’s penchant for feeding Christians to the lions for crowd entertainment.

The ultimate reality show.

I don’t subscribe to that negative view of life.  It’s not that I’m putting my head in the ground.  It’s that I see more good than bad.  What is that old saying? “Whatever you look for, you’ll find.”

Look for the good and you’ll see how much of it is out there.

A couple of nights ago, we went to McDonald’s after Varmint’s team won a softball game.  When we approached the door, we saw this:

Unchained. Unwatched.

And when we left, a half an hour later, we saw this:

Equally unprotected.  Fearlessly left by its owner as they ate at Mickey D’s.

You see, there is no fear of theft here in our little town of Poolesville.  At least, not much.  We’re not over crowded.  We’re small enough that SOMEONE around here knows you, and will tell your family in a heartbeat when you’ve done something naughty….or nice, for that matter.  What crimes do happen are few and far between, and usually easily solved.

People help their neighbors around here.  You see it all the time.

There is a lot of kindness here.  It’s simpler here.  There are less rules here.  There is less government here.  People are expected to behave…not forced.  It’s America at it’s best.

I can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else.

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One thought on “~ Mayberry ~

  1. Anonymous

    Reminds me of the Captain’s mother’s stories of how he couldn’t do ANYTHING in Poolesville without someone calling her….chuckles!!!

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