~ Asparagas Patch ~

I told Varmint and Critter last night that we were – as a family – going to go help out a friend in need by working a bit in her overwhelming garden.  I expected fighting, whining, and possibly altogether mutiny.

I won’t lie to you, I got a couple of ‘Why?’s out of my Critter.  But my varmint shrugged her shoulders and simply said, “ok.”

Then this morning I rounded them up and took them over.  And they didn’t buck.


Throughout, Critter tried to wrap his brain around why we were doing it, so I attempted to keep his attention while espousing the benefits of living a life of generosity and compassion.  He said that he didn’t question that part of it.  He just wanted to understand why anyone would want a garden in the first place when it’s so much work compared to, say, watching Batman.

I snapped off a stalk of asparagus so fresh the morning dew still dripped from it, and had him taste it.  Then he really couldn’t understand why we were doing it.

Apparently asparagus is not a kid-friendly food.

But, God bless him, he didn’t quit.

He just sat there  – one hands in the weeds, the other in a red cast (Yes, I made my kid weed with a broken arm.  We don’t raise sissies here in Dickerson, Maryland.) shaking his head at the alarming stupidity of adults.

And I think I heard him mumble something about the grocery store, and working smarter, not harder.

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One thought on “~ Asparagas Patch ~

  1. Anonymous

    You know someone with an asparagus patch??????? And you didn’t tell me???????

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