~ Sad But True ~

My Varmint and Critter asked me incredulously if the stories I write on Mamaboe are true.

A couple of things occur to me:

1) Am I so full of beans that my kids question my veracity, even when publishing my words across the world?

2) Are my life stories so ‘out there’ that it is inconceivable they actually happened?  Am I that much of a freak?

3) Should I admit it to my children, thereby signing them up for what could be perhaps years of adult psychological counseling?

The answer is, YES.  The stories are true.  Yes, I pee in my wetsuit, (along with the rest of you).  Yes, the size WAS marked FXXL.  Yes, I tend to fart or spill food on my chest in public regularly, not because I want to, but because I’m a horrific multi-tasker who eats a healthy amount of fiber on any given day.

I prefer such a wacky, embarrassing, weird life to something more mundane or plain.  What is the use of a life ill-spent?  It becomes nothing more than a use of world resources, and I’d like to think my time here is worth more than that.

And if I teach my kids one thing, besides ‘no, you cannot wear your underwear more than one day in a row’, it is this:  Jump in with both feet.

Pee in your wetsuit.  Fart if you need to. Do not make excuses, just be YOU.

Oh yeah, and if you mean ‘it is’, then it is ‘it-apostrophe-s’. I can never remember that one.

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2 thoughts on “~ Sad But True ~

  1. What is it about “it’s?” I can never, ever, ever get that one right either.

  2. Anonymous

    Jumping in with both feet is a most acceptable way to live life!! I totally agree….

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