~ Coach Cookie ~

My Varmint’s softball team, The Poolesville Lightning, won their game this weekend.  It was a game played against a team they had lost to the weekend before, so it was an especially sweet victory.

During breakfast this morning, I was reminiscing with Critter, Varmint, and My Captain about how funny it was that I had yelled out that she would get her favorite Chinese dinner from The Oriental Gourmet Restaurant in Poolesville, as motivation to win while she was pitching.  And as I did so, she struck out 3 in 5 batters (not bad for the second game of a 10-year-old girl).  I was bragging at breakfast that it was my unusual coaching/motivating/bribing technique that helped win the game.

And then My Captain, who had heard enough bull for one meal, allowed that we lost the last game because I kept feeding the team cookies….during the game.  He actually suggested that!  He said I distracted the girls by promising them, and then feeding them, cookies.

Look, these were homemade Oatmeal Whoopie Pies.  It’s like eating a piece of America, right there.  You’ve got your baseball and hot dogs, and you’ve got your softball and cookies.  The way I see it, feeding them cookies during the game is not a distraction, it’s American Pride.  It’s patriotism.

Then he pointed out that I did not give the girls cookies during the game they’d just won.

I said, “Shut up and eat your breakfast.”

We’re loving like that.

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One thought on “~ Coach Cookie ~

  1. Anonymous

    Pam, I’m just not even going there!!!!!

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