~ Yoga Pants ~

Welp, I did it.

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and bought a pair of black knit yoga pants.

Apparently these have become the new stand-by for women who don’t want to wear jeans or shorts.

I have been teasing my yoga-pant wearing friends mercilessly.  Asking them if they want some Ginseng with their coffee now.  Asking them if they find they are more limber when the run their errands or do their other motherly duties.

I have been condemning them for jumping on the popular style bandwagon.  Not because I’m a judgemental person, but rather because I like to give people a hard time.

And then it happened:  I didn’t feel like wearing jeans or shorts.

And my sweats were too hot.

I bought a pair of Champion brand yoga pants.   Capris, actually.

I put ’em on this morning. Oh. My. Lord.  They are so comfortable.

And I SWEAR I can suddenly touch my toes.

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2 thoughts on “~ Yoga Pants ~

  1. Anonymous

    About time woman! The ROCK!!!

  2. If you ever decide you would like another pair I sell different types of yoga pants too. Contact me if you would like to try them on.

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