~ Hints From Heloise ~

I had a ‘Hints From Heloise’ moment today.  Do you remember her?  Back in my growing up years she was a columnist who had a ton of amazingly simple, sometimes weird, but practical ideas for making life easier.

She was the Queen of working smarter, not harder.

So I’m at Loews today, buying Ivy and Diet Mountain Dew….

(don’t judge)

….and after I rolled my purchases out to the minivan, I realized as I opened the hatch that I hadn’t removed last night’s crap out of the back.  I was looking at gas can funnels, empty pizza boxes, and softball cleats.  (Makes you wonder what we do for fun, doesn’t it?)

I looked at the Ivy, thought about putting it on the pizza box tops, and then it hit me….OPEN the pizza boxes, and put the dirt-bottomed ivy containers on them…thereby saving the car carpet from the dirt, stabilizing the pots better for transport, recycling the boxes, and utilizing the space more efficiently.  It was awesome.  I felt so organized and capable.

Yes, I can spin the world so even Trash affirms me.

I ran some more errands, drove home, and began to remove everything from the car.  It was hard to move the Ivy out because I was busy patting myself on the back for being so gosh darn shrewd.

I put the ivy containers (still in the pizza boxes) down in the beds where they are to be planted and took some things inside.  But when I opened the door, the cats, God love ’em, ran outside before I could stop them.  Usually corralling them back inside is a job and a half, but this time, they stopped at the ivy and were pushing at the pots with their noses.  They didn’t hear me coming, and I was able to scoop them both up and take them inside.

When I went back outside, I saw that my ivy was smudged with old pizza sauce and cheese bits.  Who knew that old pizza ingredients were a kitty-lure?

This made me even prouder.  My Pizza box trash was now not only an effective plant carrier, it also served as a cat-trap.

I’m totally going to patent this.

Don’t tell anyone.

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