~ Chewable ~

I was sitting between two fantastically handsome men. Both tall.  Both dark.  Both handsome.  They both found me witty, charming, and smart.  I was delighted!

No, this wasn’t a dream, thank you.  It was real.

(All women reading this give me a “No Way!”  and I will reply, “WAY!”)

It happened a few days ago.  Sure, my husband was one of them.  Sure, the other one was his oldest and bestest friend.  Sure, we were in the middle of Medic Recert.  But none of those things change the fact that I was sitting between two hunks.

Life was good.


Don’t you hate how there is always an ‘Until’ in my stories?  I sure as heck do.


My husband’s oldest and best friend leaned over and whispered in my ear,…..

“Have you got any Ibuprofen?”

I whispered back, “Sure!” and rummaged in my bag to pull out a bottle of chewable, (grape flavored, thank you very much) Motrin.  I always have some for the kids.

I handed him 6, and he chuckled, “I figured you would.  You can always count on Mommys to have stuff like that in their bags.  As big as yours is, I knew you would.”

POP.  SSSSSSssssssssssss.

I don’t need to be liked, or popular, or seen as anything remarkable.  But I WOULD like it if I weren’t thought of as a dependable pack mule.

Oh well.  If I cry about it, I’m sure I’ll find some tissues in my bag….

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2 thoughts on “~ Chewable ~

  1. Truly brilliant.
    And I feel for you, as a former huge purse carrier. ❤

  2. Kristi Cochran

    My daughter is in High School and she carries everything in her bag. Pencils, pens, duct tape, rope, snacks, etc. If you need something the odds are she has it. There was boy who looked in her bag one day at school and he yelled out…”It’s the Magical bag of awesomeness”!! Yep, she is prepared for anything that may come her way.

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