~ Medic Refresher ~

My Captain won’t let me quit EMS.  He thinks I’ve worked too hard to become a medic and my decision to let it go doesn’t sit well with him.

I told him I don’t like it.

I told him I’m not good at it.

I told him I don’t want the stress it induces.

He tells me I AM good at it.

But he can’t argue the other two.  And frankly, he has never been on an EMS call with me.   I think he is confusing medical ability with marital love.  But that’s just me being practical.

I flip-flop.  Believe me, no one knows better than me how much time and sacrifice I put into becoming a medic.  Especially with two munchkins in tow.  And I do love helping people in need.  The mother, the nurturer in me feels entirely fulfilled when I am giving comfort. And yes, if I thought of it as throwing all that time and effort away, he would be right: it would be a tragedy.

But I don’t see it that way.  I see it as moving on.  Starting a new chapter.  Continuing down the road of my life.

He listened.

And then he signed me up for our mandated periodic Medic Continuing Education courses.

Do you think anyone will say anything tomorrow when they see him dragging me down the hall of the Fire/Rescue Academy kicking and screaming?

Nah.  You’re right, probably not.


Pray for me.

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3 thoughts on “~ Medic Refresher ~

  1. Anonymous

    Follow your instincts, a new chapter waits for you. Butch

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    I get it. I spent YEARS trying to learn ASL. Really, I just wanted to LEARN it. So when I was done & had a certificate (which in no way, shape or form means you are good enough to interpret – it says so RIGHT ON the certificate), everyone wanted to know what I was going to DO with said certificate! Where was I going to work? Uh… I’m a stay at home mom. I work here – at home. Uh… That’s all folks! (Nothing to see here, move along now…)

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