~ You’re SUCH A Stitch! ~

My Captain’s mother, affectionately known as “Goggy”, is a woman of many talents.  Besides raising three successful children (2 firefighters and a Media Specialist), besides leading many and varied community groups, effecting much change, besides being an incredibly fantastic wife to her husband (affectionately known as “Papa”), besides teaching (retired now) children with special needs, besides struggling daily with Multiple Sclerosis (and has for decades now), she is also a fantastic quilter.

Why does this matter?  It matters because when I married my beloved, she put months of work into a wedding quilt that so perfectly defines us, it takes my breath away:

The colors….EARTHY.   They remind me of both of us: Bold.  Distinct. Unapologetically Strong.

She took the time scouring the internet (yes, she is techno-savvy!) to find all those animals we have come to love so much on our trips to Montana.  Of course, the obvious, the Moose, in all his majestic ridiculousness.

and the birds of flight,

the ever familial, loyal wolf,

(and note if you can the detail.  She embroidered around the nose and eyes to help them stand out.)

and Mountain Lions…sleek, fast, strong, sly.  She embroidered these eyes as well.  I wish it would translate better in the picture; it’s really cool to see and touch.

She included blue patches to stand for the whitewater we paddled, and dark green for the forest we love. And of course, brown, for chocolate.  Which, though not indiginous to Montana, can certainly be found and consumed there.

She thought of everything.

I cannot imagine how much work she put into this.  She is creative, loving, passionate, smart, and kind.  All of that got sewn into this.  It’s so much more than a quilt.

It’s a blessing.

Those of you who know me in person, know that I can be such a pain in the tuckus.  I’m loud.  I’m opinionated.  I’m inappropriate.  I’m a glutton (and won’t hesitate to steal food off of your plate when you aren’t looking).  It is not many families that would have the patience or desire to allow, let alone welcome, someone like me into their arms.   And, frankly, not all of them did!  But she did.  And so did Papa (against his better judgement).

Speaking of Papa.  He is very quick to point out that, while Goggy put all her energy and talent into this amazing wedding gift,  he is the one who couldn’t walk on his living room floor for weeks, he is the one who had to wait patiently for her attention while she focused on this, and hey…he is the one who paid for it.

Credit is duly given, Papa.

Thank you both.  We love you very much.

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One thought on “~ You’re SUCH A Stitch! ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Love it! (But then, you knew I would!)

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