~ A Need To Know Basis ~

My daughter so wanted to get chosen for a solo in her school music concert that I ached for her as she waited to hear whether or not she got it.

And she got it!

And then I dutifully commenced the Mother-MUST-worry thing.

Varmint was cool as a cucumber about it, but I just knew this had to mean a great deal to her.  So I encouraged and petted and cajoled and tried my best to Mary-Poppins the hell out of her whether she needed it or not.  (It’s a verb I made up on my own. Do you like it?)  For weeks.  Very maternally draining weeks.

I listened to her practice, felt she did a very good job, and knew in my own heart that she would be fine.

My son also was in the concert (hence the “all-school” part of the concert title).  The third graders had their own song to learn.  Bobby McFarrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.  Great song.  I love it.

And Critter knew the words (it’s not like the lyrics are complicated) by heart so early on in the process, he didn’t practice.  Not that he would have practiced in front of me anyways.  He a guy.  Guys don’t ask for directions, and they don’t practice choir songs.  It’s written somewhere.

The day of the concert came.  All cameras were charged and ready to go.

Varmint’s solo was not until near the end of the concert.

Critter’s class’s song was mid way through…and I loved it.  I love the song.  Critter sang his heart out.  And then, holy cow…is that my boy going to the microphone?  He had a solo?  WHAT????  It was the part towards the end of the song where McFarrin spoke instead of sang “Don’t worry, be happy.  If you are worried, pick up the phone and call me.  I’ll make you happy.” And my critter NAILED IT.  HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!  And it was so funny!  That’s my funny guy!

So, here for weeks I’d been sweating my Varmint’s solo, and we’d been talking about it ad nauseam, and lo and behold, my Critter had one too, and he didn’t even tell his own mother???!!!

After the concert, I asked him why he didn’t tell me.   His answer?

“Mom, you didn’t need to know.”

I fear this is just the beginning of hearing that particular phrase from my youngest offspring.

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2 thoughts on “~ A Need To Know Basis ~

  1. Alice Piontek

    Sometimes it’s best not to know!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Varmint’s thinkin’, “Durn he’s smart! NEXT time I ain’t tellin’!!”

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