Mama Boe

A couple of years ago I was playing around with baking and making new recipes for cookies.  I shared the fruits of my labor with my friends, because, I may be fat, but I couldn’t eat all the cookies! (Yes, I could, but this time I didn’t.)

I came up with a cookie so num-num-nummy, that my dear friend, Shirley, suggested I enter it into the Montgomery County Fair’s Baking Contest.  She assured me it would be fun.  She assured me I had nothing to lose.  She assured me I would place or maybe even win!  How could I refuse?

Hey, I’m not immune to ego-stroking.  I’m only human.

So with a light in my eye, I tightened my apron and got to work.  I followed the fair rules and  instructions, made the cookies, entered them, and held my breath.  Never before had I pitted my abilities against anyone else in this…

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