~ Cheap Labor ~

My Captain is working on the “Project-From-Hell”.

It’s his own fault.  He listened to the “Might-As-Wells” in his head.  Figured as long as he was finishing the basement, he might-as-well fix the water problem.  And as long as he was gonna be diggin up all the dirt around the house, he might-as-well put in a walk-out basement for Critter and Varmint to have more play space.

And if he was gonna put in the walk-out basement for Critter and Varmint, he might-as-well put in retaining walls with built-in flower boxes for Mama Boe.

And if he was gonna put in retaining walls with flower boxes, he might-as-well put in some safe, strong steps to make it easier to get to them.

At this point, he’s questioning whether or not the three of us are worth all this trouble.

No sense brooding over it.  It’s already started.  Might-as-well finish it.

What the??? How the heck did this photo get in here?

So….. the reason for this post is to talk about how Critter helps Troy.   First, he wanders around looking for trouble to get into.

Then he climbs ankle-deep up and down the wet piles of mud clay looking for some kind of mischief.

Hmmmm.  Nothing yet. ….wait!  What’s that?!

Ohhhh Yeah!  Mommmmm!  Troyyyy!

Bingo, Baby!   Just what I was hoping for!

A baby Northern Ring Neck Snake.

I tell you, our Critter LOVES construction jobs!  And he’s so dagnab helpful, too!

I wonder where he put that little guy when he was done with it.  Hmmmm.

I’d better go check Varmint’s bed.

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2 thoughts on “~ Cheap Labor ~

  1. Jane Chapman

    Hey, it could be stink bugs!

  2. We love those snakes!!!!!!!! They are so cute, you just want to keep them, and then you ask yourself, what do these guys eat, anyway? Then after we’ve worn out the snake from all our handling, it goes back under the thing we found in under, worrying that we could have just squashed him when we put that thing back on top.
    Kids and creatures. Can’t help loving them!

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