~ DUH! It’s Rotten! ~

I have always prided myself on being something of a ‘Foodie’.  I love food.  I haven’t missed a meal since sixth grade.  If the food network is on, I’m unavailable for hours, slack-jawed, drooling, feverishly writing down ingredients.

One of my talents is breaking down a recipe.  If I taste something new, I am really good at figuring out what is in it.  I can smell cumin a mile away.  I can detect the difference between Saffron and Tumeric.  I can taste the difference between Apple Pie Spice and Pumpkin Pie Spice.

I’m that good, friends.  That good.

A couple of days ago I bought a small watermelon for us to eat on Valentine’s day.  I didn’t get around to cutting it on Valentine’s day, and just did so this afternoon.  I thought it looked a little dry, and was not as pink as they usually are.

I tasted a piece.  It was unusual.  Maybe I had inadvertently picked up some kind of gourmet hybrid watermelon or something.  How cool is that?  A new flavor of Watermelon!  I got excited and started trying to mix it with other flavors.  I tried some with lemon juice.  I tried some with cut grapes.  I tried some with salt.   I tried some with orange segments.  I couldn’t get it to blend just right with any of them.

I love a challenge.  I kept working…sometimes feverishly…to make a super cool recipe from this new hybrid watermelon.

My Captain tried it.  My Captain eats just about anything.  Seriously.  LOW MAINTENANCE on the food front.

So he tries it, makes a sour face and says, “Uh, it’s rotten.” and pushed the rest away.

I looked down at the rest of the melon.  Come to think of it, it did look a little off.


Maybe all foodies are boneheads.  Maybe gourmet is just the french word for “Bonehead who can’t tell a rotten fruit from a good fruit.”

Fruit Salad anyone?

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