~ Rocks and Chapstick ~

Here’s one for ya:

I’m doing the laundry.  Again.  And as I’m pulling clothes out of the dryer, (clothes, which by the way, were so stinkin’ hot, I burned my hand on a zipper.  Zipper…. What a great word!) I found one very, very clean rock that looked suspiciously like the gravel in our driveway.  My Critter has a zealous affinity for collecting rocks.  I also pulled out a now empty tube of Chapstick in the same load of laundry.  Pink-Lemonade Flavored….which immediately absolved Troy, much to his relief.

I had to chuckle.

Then I thought about how different the things I find in my dryer are now.  When I was a child, I would find my newly cleaned stuffed animal’s detached nose or eye.  When I was a teen, I’d find that note I’d been passed in class about the boy who I loved who didn’t even know I was on this planet.  In my twenties, I’d find the stub to a rock concert or movie.  In my thirties I’d find pacifiers.  And now, in my forties, I find gravel and chapstick.

I’m looking forward to my fifties.  I don’t know what will come out of that contraption by then.  But I can tell you what won’t come out of it.  All the left footed socks that have mysteriously disappeared in there over the years.  I’ve given up hope for them.

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2 thoughts on “~ Rocks and Chapstick ~

  1. Anonymous

    I joke that MOST of our LONG gravel driveway is INSIDE our house – either hidden away here & there OR boldly displayed about my daughter’s room. Much of it has also been thru my lovely (relatively new) washer & dryer!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Above is my post from my cell phone – guess I didn’t do something right!

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