~ Safety Never Takes A Holiday ~

Can anyone tell me if there is a law against eating while driving?

I mean, I can’t drive without a seatbelt.  I can’t talk on the phone while driving.  I can’t strap my kids to the luggage racks when I need more room for groceries.

I’m starting to feel way over-governed.

I see people eating while driving all the time…and not doing such a great job of either.  It’s certainly no less distracting than putting on make-up, or talking on the phone, or reaching your arm behind you in the hope of slapping bickering children upside the head.

So why do we have laws for some distractions, and not others?  I just don’t get it. Maybe someday eating and driving will be outlawed.

Until then, I’ll happily eat my McDonald’s sausage burritos two-handed while driving with my knees.

And I bet I’ll still be a better driver than those gosh-darn people from Virginia.

(oOOoooOOO!  She went there!  Game on!)

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One thought on “~ Safety Never Takes A Holiday ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Now you’ve gone & done it!

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