~ Hang In There ~

I’m afraid of my closet.  More specifically the hangers in my closet.

Some people fear The Boogie Man, some Chucky.  Me, I fear apparel-organizing tools.

Why is it that I can’t take anything from my closet without getting all caught up in at at least five different hangers? What ought to take a mere second ends up taking about 3 minutes, and a good deal of inappropriate language.

I’m serious!  For me, something as simple as taking out a pair of jeans turns into a WWWrestling match. And something like a three-piece suit that is on one of those multi-leveled hangers….Ugh! Forget it!  I’m like some kind of hanger-wrangler.  I should put on a pair of leather chaps, pointed snake-skin boots, and carry a lasso whenever I go in to grapple with the clothes in there .

Anyone else out there got this problem?  (Crickets chirping.  I get that a lot.)

So here’s one for ya:  While composing this post, I thought I was using the word ‘hanger’ to much.  So I went to an online thesaurus to find other words for my nemesis.  And check it out, there wasn’t one…and then I found that the true definition of the word ‘hanger’ is actually:

Main Entry:
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: weapon
Synonyms: backsword, bilbo, blade, brand, broadsword, claymore, creese, curtana, cutlas, cutlass, dagger, damascus blade, dirk, epee, estoc, falchion, foil, glaive, hanger , kris, rapier, saber, sabre, scimitar, scimiter, smallsword, spadroon, toledo

Coincidence?  I think not.

I feel so vindicated.

But that doesn’t help me with my current battles with the closet. Is there some kind of support group I can go to for this?  A 12-step program or something where I can say, “Hi, I’m Pam, and I’m “hanger-challenged.””  Maybe I could even get some kind of minority status.

You really ought to stop reading now.  It’s not going to get any better.
I’d like to apologize at this point for my inane-ness.
What?  Are you still here?
Go Already!  Live your life!  Leave me to fend for myself amongst the Levis and button downs and tie racks.  I’ll be fine.
No.  Really.
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4 thoughts on “~ Hang In There ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Hmmm… That’s a new one! I do wrestle with them in the laundry room, but nothing quite like what you’ve got goin’ on there!!

  2. Jane Chapman

    Maybe you have too many clothes?????

  3. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Or too many hangers!

  4. Don

    Maybe your closet is too big.

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