~ A Bad Case of the Piles ~

What do you get when you mix ADD, a craftsy person, a fix-it-yourself person, and two broken-toy-hoarding kids?

A bad case of the piles.

Unfortunately, there’s no ointment for this baby. And, left untreated, it can grow to epic proportions. But on the plus side, there is no burning or swelling associated with it…..much.

We’ve got a pile (or three) for bills, a pile for recipe ideas, a pile for school projects, a pile for upcoming holiday/birthday gifts, a pile for the wrapping paper for those upcoming holiday/birthday gifts, a pile of clean clothes, a pile of dirty clothes, a pile of things to give away, a pile of camping gear (from last summer…), a pile of sports equipment, and a pile of the largest assortment of broken toys and toy pieces/parts this side of the Mississippi. Man oh man, do we have a case of the piles.

I sound like I’m bragging, but I’m honestly ashamed of our lack of discipline. Yet, every time we look to take apart a pile, it seems so daunting that we find something….anything…else to do. I’d rather floss the cat’s teeth than attack that toy pile, believe me. And I’m fairly sure I’d find my lost virginity in the camping gear pile. And I bet we’d find Elvis in the give-away pile.

But I just don’t have it in me to take it on alone.

When people come over, do they see the piles? Heck no! I’m a master at Pile Camouflage. A firm believer in table clothes, closets, and tall bed frames am I!

It’s a good thing we’re finishing the basement…that way we’ll have a really nice room for some of these dagnab piles.

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3 thoughts on “~ A Bad Case of the Piles ~

  1. Patty

    I am a hopeless pile person. My piles are mainly papers or “projects.” I had to laugh about camouflaging the piles when company comes over! I also do this… I tell myself I’ll put/file these things away properly later… no time now! I have conflicting feelings about camouflaging (I do enjoy the tidy feeling… and the company of course!) But at the same time it totally messes me up. Before clean-up I knew where everything was, but now cannot find things (because generally the piles don’t get back where they used to be… and gradually new piles take their place).

    I’m really enjoying your blog Pam!

  2. Please come take a peek in my closets! Better yet, don’t!

    I am enjoying your blog, Pam.

    Shine on!

  3. srpattee

    It’s called… “horizontal filing!” I’m afflicted by it too! If only drugs could cure this one!

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