~ The Icemaker ~

We have an old refrigerator.  But it works.  And in the age of “oh crap, where did our investments go?”, an old, working refrigerator is our friend.   It beats the heck out of NO refrigerator.   A few months ago, the Ice Maker in the freezer of this old Jalopy of a fridge, konked out on us.  “We’ll make do,” I thought.

I hate drinking warm water. I REALLY hate drinking Warm water from a well.

Then one of the arms in the door of the freezer broke.  I duct taped it.  It lasted a little bit, then it too, gave up the ghost.  So we cannot store much in the door.  “We’ll make do,” I thought.

Then one of the drawers in the bottom part of the fridge broke off.  I still store stuff where it used to be, but instead of pulling out the drawer and gently placing food within, I just cram it all back in the drawer-less void and hope I’ll remember what is back there later….before whatever it is procreates.

Forget “We’ll make do!”.  I’m starting to hate my fridge.  As a cook and a foodie, its one of my most important tools!

BUT….it’s better than NO fridge.

Last week, Troy and his Beer Brewing Partner (see One-Eyed Dog Brewing) Dutch picked up a fridge they got for free from a construction site. It’s in pretty good shape. And you know what they did with it? Did they come replace my old jalopy? Did they use its parts to fix my poor broken down warhorse of a fridge?


They plan to stick a keg or two into it, filled with their home-made brews, and then drill a place for spiquets on the outside of the front door and make what is called a “kegerator”.

Men have their priorities.

At least I have a fridge.

As I said, it’s better than NO fridge. And, for the time being, the old Jalopy is still chugging along.

Sometimes I can comiserate with it.  My own personal icemaker (in the form of a metabolism) broke years ago….Parts of me are duct-taped together….and parts of me are missing entirely.  But in the same vein…it may be a broken down body, but its better than NO body.

And, as Garrick would say, “At least it isn’t puke.”

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