About Mama Boe

Here’s the thing: after over half a century on this planet, I was hoping I would have reached some kind of understanding about why life works the way it does.  I was hoping life would make, you know, SENSE.

It doesn’t.

LIFE, as some enormous, generic entity, does not make sense.  But the moments.  The MOMENTS do.   I’ve got kids, I’ve got pets, I’ve got a National Hero for a husband…you know, all the normal parts of middle class American Life.  And I am making sense out of it one moment at a time.  Because the sum of all these moments makes no sense.  No sense at all.

I’m ok with that.

I kind of have to be, since there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.


19 thoughts on “About Mama Boe

  1. Maryanne Cunningham Giorgio

    Hi Pam, So fantastic!! I save you to read with my a.m. coffee. It starts my day out on a perfect note. I KNOW you will come and be a guest someday at my Inn,(and you’ll be crazy famous by then!)It will create a whole new bunch of magical moments for your storytelling.
    Strangely enough a friend of mine at dinner last Thursday suggested that I start a blog for my recipes. You see, I let you see my posts, but …I write the recipes hidden in private notes! I write them in a funny story kind of way…nothing like yours I’m sorry to say. But, I said “Why not?” . He is coming over today to help me get started….Funny , right? I hope I don’t chicken out. But , as far as your funny little insights, Love them!!! Maryanne

  2. Jane Chapman

    Mercy me, Pam…..who would have thunk that my daughter would be a blogger….in fact, a few years ago, blogging didn’t exist!!! But you did….smiles.

    Keep it up!!!


  3. susan

    SO glad you decided to post this blog!!!!
    You are so smart, witty, and wonderful to read and I look forward to enjoying your future posts!!

  4. I love your blog! Please keep blogging! I can’t wait to read your future posts.

  5. Lindsey B.

    Purely Awesome Pam! Can’t wait to read one about the life and times living in Montana!

  6. Jonni

    Thank You, thank you, thank you… Finally you are doing public writing! I am enlightened, uplifted and seriously laughing at your writings.. I truly pray that these entries will bring you some sort of return.. whether in form of monetary value (in large amounts) or in form of blessings from your friends and family….(like me)…

  7. Tammara

    Pam – your no nonsense wit is so refreshing!!! Each story just gives me the chuckle I need at the end of the day!!!!! I think you have found a true calling so don’t forget us little people when you are rich and famous!!! Love you!

  8. Marti Wallace

    You CRACK me up!!! Like I asked you the other day “you will remember me when you are famous, RIGHT?!”

  9. Debbie Knight

    FINALLY ! A like minded person who realizes humor and/or gratitude must be in every moment. Thank you Pam – I’m hooked !

  10. Stephany

    Pam, thank you for inviting me into your world considering the circumstances of how we met! You are so funny, smart and quite sassy I have learned. You make me smile when I need it the most. Keep up the good work.

  11. Grammar: the sum makes no sense.
    Now your really glad I read your blog! hahaha

  12. So, of course, I make a grammatical error.

  13. Shannon Moneymaker

    Your Facebook stories have always brought smiles to my face and tears of laughter to my eyes. I was so excited, and especially proud, to see you started this blog! Writing is a gift that you have, but the way your writing makes people feel is, by far, the most special gift of all!

    Hugs and laughs!

  14. For me, life is all about perspective. Understanding that one view doesn’t exist is important to me. I know I have the control of my perspective and I can choose to change it. As in chess, you have to think futuristically and not be caught only in the moment. I always am anticipating my next move, weighing all the scenarios, and having many options. I do accept the challenges as part of the journey. Most importantly to me, is that I am healthy in both mind,body and spirit.

    It is my spirit that gives me the energy. For the spirit to propell you, you need a fuel…this is why people without purpose lack the fuel of inspiration. My advice to anyone who feels hopeless is to find your fuel!

  15. leegroup@comcast.net

    I want to also thank you for inviting me into your world…I have lived so much of your life already with children that are now all out of graduate school. I smile reading your humorous thoughts and real life situations! You are a blessing to my day and often crack me up! Blessings my new friend, Gail

  16. Jerzy Lamot

    Hi Pam, thanks for your help on Easter Sunday, I reallllly, truly appreciate your kindness. If you need any advice regarding your house feel free to contact me, please.
    Thanks again!!!!

  17. Anonymous

    Just found your blog and immediately liked it. Stories of everyday firehouse life told in a humerous way. Say hello to your captain for me, we worked together some years ago. Take care. LeRoy

  18. LeRoy Oettinger

    Just found your blog and couldn’t stop reading. Firehouse life told with humor, love it. Say hello to your Captain for me, we worked together several (many) years ago.

  19. Heather Mayo

    Pam, thank you for sharing your site. I didn’t get a chance yesterday to take a peak so when I got into work this morning I fired up the computer to check it out. I found myself engrossed in your stories and realized I had been reading for over an hour when I had to work to attend to. Not only did I gain a new client yesterday but a new friend as well and what a treat.


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