~ Cracker Jack Love ~

So My Captain and I spent last week visiting his parents, Goggy and Papa, in Southport, North Carolina, and one of the things we did was collect gifts to bring back to Varmint and Critter.  Other than the obvious, obligatory ‘stupid t-shirts,’ we went to Varmint’s favorite bakeries and bought her favorite sweets.   In the process, we came upon a new bakery, and decided to see if there might be something in it she might find new and interesting.


Understand, Varmint is a cupcake aficionado…. One does not simply ‘eat’ cupcakes with Varmint.  One has divine EXERIENCES with cupcakes with Varmint.


So when we came upon the bakery Bella Mae, in Southport, and found something called ‘Cracker Jack Cupcakes’, I knew we had hit a winner.


This mother/daughter bakery was sponsoring a fundraiser for a local baseball team, and whenever they sold these particular cupcakes, donated funds toward those kids’ baseball experience.  They incorporated ‘Cracker Jacks’ in the motif as a nod to the favorite American pastime of baseball! As wonderful as that concept is, you have to see this cupcake for all that it is:

Vanilla cake, salted caramel butter cream icing, Cracker Jack toppings, and caramel drizzle.   What a fantastic combination, and so creative!


(But I’m awfully glad they didn’t go with a hot dog cupcake motif instead!)

Bella Mae also specializes in all kinds of nut brittle, but since Varmint is still sporting braces on her choppers, that was a big, “No.” Maybe next year, sweetheart!


Bella Mae’s in Southport, North Carolina….nestled cozily behind The Smokehouse Barbeque Restaurant.  If you’re in Southport, be sure to hit it!


Now, before you jump on me for getting SUGAR for my kids as gifts, I have to tell you that I expect my kids to GRAB life, LIVE life, and EXPERIENCE as many new things as possible as they grow up.  And if that means the occasional Cracker Jack Cupcake, then I’m ALL IN.   I love my punks to death, and promise I cram a fair share of broccoli and avocado down their throats.  But if something like this special treat comes their way, you can be darn sure I’ll give them that, too.

Life is meant to be LIVED.  There is always a time for discipline, or moderation, and restraint.

This is not one of those times!




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