~ Bacon Thangs ~

Not far from Goggy and Papa’s place in Southport, North Carolina, is a diner called Eric’s Grille. 

This nut is Eric: 2015-07-22 10.07.32 Eric told me I was beautiful, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY CAPTAIN, the first day he met me.  My Captain’s reaction?



Not even an eyeroll.

I’m in love with Eric.  He’s my new best friend.  My Captain shouldn’t get too comfortable, is what I’m saying.

Goggy, Papa, My Captain and I ordered, were served, and were eating breakfast, when my new boyfriend, Eric, came up to our table with this plate as an offering to me to show his undying affection.  He didn’t actually come out and say that, or anything, but I understood.  Sometimes words are so unnecessary, am I right? ??????????????

He calls his invention “Bacon Thangs.”  Crispy bacon, dunked in pancake batter, deep-fried, and served up with maple syrup…they are deep-fried love, baby! ??????????????

And I am pretty darn sure he does not offer these babies to just anyone.2015-07-22 10.04.00 Only those of us he finds beautiful.


So now I have a new love list:

1) Troy (AKA My Captain)

2) Trey Gowdy, the true rockstar in our country’s political world.  This guy is such a cowboy.

3) Eric, owner and executive chef at Eric’s Grille in Southport, North Carolina. I’m not saying My Captain should be sweating, or anything, but if I were him, I’d start showing up with flowers every now and then….

or offerings with bacon…

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One thought on “~ Bacon Thangs ~

  1. THIS post is everything! I can totally hear him saying “Bacon Thangs” too! And you are right my friend, he definitely does not serve those to JUST anyone 😉 Thanks for supporting a local restaurant 😉

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