~ The Trauma Ball ~

What. The. Heck.


Is.  That???


Critter did not know.


But that little fact did not deter him from jumping into it headfirst.


Without even a “Mother, may I?”


I have a feeling I know what his college years are going to look like.


You see, we were at a get together at Adam’s house to watch the parade for Damascus Day.  You might remember Adam from the Fourth of July Parade last year (~ Parade Perspective~ ).


He was the one who had to continually receive kids hopping down from the firetruck.  Adam is not only a fireman, he is also in the Coast Guard.  He’s a true blue, great guy.  Well, that great guy, and his gorgeous wife, Shana, have an adorable tow-head of a boy named Jack.   And Jack has this enormous, inflated, trauma-guaranteeing ball.


We were at their house less than ten minutes when Critter had taken it over.  Little kids were violently thrown to the wayside, tears and wailing included…nothing could deter Critter from the challenge that was discovering this ball.  It was not a proud-mama moment.

2015-07-10 18.49.22

Over and over again, he hurled himself into this huge rolling piece of petro-chemically-created, trauma initiating, ball of fun.

I couldn’t watch.  Not so much because I was frightened, as it was because I was frantically searching my wallet to make sure our insurance card was up to date.


Critter jumped in and out, rolled around, and beat this thing up from 5:30 until 10:00pm.  He did stop to eat 2.5 tater tots but seriously, he ate them running.

Amazingly, we didn’t end the evening in the trauma center.  Though God only knows how.

I would have loved to try it out, but there were babies to be held, and then dinner was served, and fireworks and laughter and clapping….I was too busy.

(That, and I’m fairly certain that it would have taken Vaseline and a spatula to get me into – or out of – that thing.  Kind of like Spanx, only bluer.)

And you can well believe that Critter SLEPT that night.  I’m thinking about getting one for myself to help my insomnia, except for that whole Vaseline/spatula thing……

Happy Damascus Day!!!!

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