~ Bonus Dad Day ~

It started out like every other morning we’ve had during our summer vacation here at Pop-Pop’s beach cottage.  I got My Captain his coffee. I brought him his breakfast.  I patted him lovingly on the head, and told him I loved him, and reminded him how lucky he is to have me.

But there was something more up my sleeve today!  It was Father’s Day! Or, as we like to call it in our house, “Bonus Dad’s Day”.

We gave him his bag of presents and cards, I sat on the starfish glider across from him on the palm leaf glider.  (What?  Don’t pretend you don’t name your furniture, too!)  It started sedately enough as he reached for one of his cards, when….

2015-06-21 10.21.59

Varmint had to join him….


and start messing with him.


Because nothing is easy in our house.


And if that weren’t bad enough,


Critter had to jump in to the fray.


Which, of course is predictable. “Togetherness” never took on as sinister a meaning as it does in our house.


Of course there was frolicking while My Captain tried to read his cards,


But there were also moments of sweetness…


like when he read Critter’s card.


But it was short lived, because of course the smack down had to resume and continue until the novelty of it ran out…


And My Captain could once again focus on the goodies he had tucked and hidden within his new tool box.

2015-06-21 10.25.24

Happy Bonus Dad’s Day, Beloved!


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