~ Smokin’ Guns and Hot Dogs ~

I’ve been begging My Captain to take me away for a day or two….to take me on some adventure that didn’t include laundry or dishes or the same four walls of the little cottage.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my little cottage in the woods and am deeply grateful for it, but it’s been a long, cold, white winter and I need a change of venue to straighten my perspective.

I’m married to a good listener.  If there is one thing my Beloved can do, it’s fix things.  So yesterday, having heard my plea for a change of pace, he drove me three hours to Kingwood, West-By-God-Virginia.

In the rain and sleet.

Why?  Why did he take me to Kingwood?  Was there a romantic restaurant or Inn there?  Did he have some creative date planned for me?  What was up this guy’s sleeve?  I envisioned roses, chocolate, soft music, perhaps champagne.  Whatever the reason, I just knew it would be beyond my expectations.

Turns out,  I was off by a little.  We went there for…..


Guns, and all-you-can-eat smoked meat, to be exact.

Apparently My Captain’s best friend, Ty, was helping to run the gun raffle for his In-Laws’ Ambulance Company’s fundraiser.

2014-03-29 17.57.46

My Captain, being the quintessential pragmatist, and expert in efficiency, decided to kill three birds with one stone, and take me there for a surprise change of scenery while simultaneously supporting his old friend, and supporting a good cause.

2014-03-29 16.09.09

I was right.  It was different than anything I may have expected.

We were there for 6 hours.  Six. Long. Hours.

2014-03-29 16.09.44

(Which was nothing to Ty’s poor daughter, Nicole’s time there.  She’d ended up waiting for her dad for nearly 10 hours! Nicole, who had never shot a gun before in her life! Now THAT is a supportive daughter!)

Six hours of guns, and more guns, and more guns.  If it had not been for meeting Ty’s fabulous in-laws, and the fantastic smoked (as in, cooked IN a smoker!) hot dogs which were, Get This, FREE, I’d have been disappointed. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like a raffle as much as the next guy, but guns are not the thing that floats Mama’s boat.  Had he taken me to a gourmet kitchen tool raffle, THEN we’d be on to something.  But guns are more my Beloved’s arena.

My Captain knew what he was doing, though.  He distracted me with the all-you-can-eat smoky, salty deliciousness all day, he got to drool over different kinds of firearms, Ty felt supported by friends, and Ty’s in-laws made money for their ambulance company.  Sure, it rated low on the romance scale, but we DID get to spend 6 hours alone together in the car listening to Blue Collar Radio on XM, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

(and farted.)

But that’s another story, altogether.




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