~ Doh! ~

It was in the 60’s this past weekend….for the first time in just about forever!  (Or three months.)

The sun was out!  My arthritic knee has been totally replaced!!  Baby, we were going on a walk!  (Is it alright if I call you Baby?)

My Captain was working, you guessed it, overtime.  We had to buy replacement windows for the Little Cottage, AND we had to buy a new mattress, AND both of our vehicle’s windshields are cracked.  It was either he worked overtime, or we sold a kid, or I started pole-dancing.

We weighed our pros and cons.  But we couldn’t decide which kid we’d sell, and the whole pole-dancing thing didn’t work out for me.  Turns out I’m vertically challenged.  All I could do was swing circles around the bottom like some kind of over stuffed, garlic-scented tether ball.

So My Captain shrugged his shoulders, and, like a trooper, signed up for overtime, leaving the three of us to hit the wilds of suburban Maryland on our own.

Having just recently vacuumed the car, I admonished the kids to ‘keep it clean back there!’ as I packed them in, and off we went to the Great Falls at the C & O Canal National Park.  This part of the Potomac River is rocky whitewater gorgeousness on any normal day, but add weeks worth of massive snow melt, and you have a hell of a show.  Believe me, as a former (kayak) paddler, I wanted to see the flow!

We paid our park fee, wrestled 80,000 other people for one of the two available parking spots that were left, and set out to the falls.

After a good distance of hoofing it, we came upon this.  There was NO way around it.  My brain immediately went back to my newly vacuumed car floor.  ACK.

Hey Kids, waaaaaaiiiiit!


What, mom?



Uh, never mind.  ***sigh***


I was right, though.  The flow was amazing over the falls.  And I even got a cheese-ball, fake-smiley picture out of it from my munchkins.


But I’m not going to bother to vacuum the car out again until July.

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One thought on “~ Doh! ~

  1. don

    Maybe July, 2020???

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