~ My Oldest Friend ~

My oldest friend is getting married tomorrow.

(And by oldest, I mean longest running.  Kristi isn’t OLD.  She’s my age!  And that is NOT old.  We might be, um, SEASONED, but we are most emphatically NOT old.

Just to be clear.)

Kristi lost her previous husband to an ugly, long and tortuous bout of cancer called Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  He fought a valiant fight, but in the end, he died.  It was so damn sad.  She was so sad.  It was heartbreaking.

But here she is, my Kristi, picking up the pieces of her life, and better than that…finding a new and equally lasting love in her Tommy.  (She calls him “Sugar Butt”…how cute is that?)

It’s a wonderfully happy chapter to her story thus far.  And the only sad part?  I can’t go!  We have three (count them…3!) basketball games, one softball clinic, and My Captain has a retirement party he must attend for one of his oldest shift members.

(And by oldest, I mean longest running.  Doug isn’t old.  He’s our age!  And that is NOT old.  Seasoned, maybe, but most emphatically NOT old.

Just to be clear.)

Obviously My Captain needs me in attendance to the retirement party as arm candy…or at least to hold his beer.  So I’m going to miss Kristi’s wedding!  She lives 5 hours away…there is no way I can be all of these places at once.

I begged her to send pictures, and I’m sending happy thoughts and lots of love to her via the airways.

Would you like to see her when I knew her back in our childhood?


She is the princess on the right.  I’m the princess on the left.  I have no idea who the freaked out boy in the middle is, but I’ll bet he’s still scarred from this night.

Congratulations My Dear Kristi!  You’re still a gorgeous princess!


And I still love you!

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