~ Getting Seriously Concerned ~

How does a man who defines the word “Manly,”


from whom you can just SMELL the testosterone oozing,

2013-10-08 15.09.53

one who makes women swoon just in performing simple tasks,


one with the forethought to donate his free time to teach future generations what heroism means,


one who joins his manly man friends in charity drives for burn hospitals,


one who looks like he was born in the wilds of Montana, without even trying,

2012-12-01 14.50.17

one who makes fatherhood look positively easy…..

how does he also manage to bring his sick wife an artistically arranged meal in bed (complete with inventive walker/tray-stand) that looks like it popped out of a magazine?

2014-01-20 19.34.49

I mean, the time and attention that went into the salad alone….

makes me seriously concerned if my particular talents are even needed in this marriage!

How the heck does he do it???

I joke that he is totally left-brained….but when I see a salad that has been artistically arranged like this….. THAT, my friends, is a seriously right-brained salad.

It’s like I’m married to Dudley Do Right, Ironman, and Martha Stewart, all in one. I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY concerned!

2014-01-20 19.35.01

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One thought on “~ Getting Seriously Concerned ~

  1. Liz

    Love it!

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