~ What is WITH People These Days? ~

We took Varmint and Critter to see My Captain’s best friend, Ty’s, son, Trevor, play basketball tonight.

Did you follow that?  Clear as mud?

Trevor is a long, tall drink of water, and I don’t know when the hell that happened, because it was yesterday that he was only as tall as me.  And he went and left boyhood on me… coasted straight into young manhood.  I hate it when that happens, because it leaves me feeling old and sappy.   It was very selfish of him to do that, frankly.  What is it with kids these days?

2014-01-10 19.11.58

I tried to get a good picture of him….

2014-01-10 19.11.54

but he kept on moving.  During the whole stinkin’ game.

2014-01-10 19.23.19

What is it with basketball that they feel the need to be so frenzied?  Can’t be good for a body, is what I say.

2014-01-10 19.21.35

I gave up on getting a decent picture of Trevor and focused on getting decent pictures of My Captain and his best friend, Ty.   Both of these men are handsome fire Captains, both are tall, both are intelligent, both have muscular guns which are easy on the eyes,

2014-01-10 19.11.27

and both refused to pose.  Wouldn’t even look at me.  What is it with men these days?  God bless Critter for participating.  Thank you, love.  Though I am bracing myself for when you grow into young manhood and you, too, will evade my camera lens.

2014-01-10 19.11.15

Until then, though, it’s you and me babe!  But easy on the crazy eyes, okay?  You’re freaking me out!

What is WITH people these days???

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One thought on “~ What is WITH People These Days? ~

  1. captain9

    The first picture looks like a profile of Ty. No doubt that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! 😉

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