~ Sugar Plums and A Moose Nativity ~

I have been so BUSY, my friends!  I love, love, LOVE this time of the year!  We start full throttle at Thanksgiving, and don’t stop until January 2, which is my birthday!  Of course, by that time, everyone is too partied out to muster up much more than a kiss and a ‘Happy Birthday!’…including ME….so it’s entirely Okay!  Some people have birthday parties, I have birthday NAPS.

Don’t judge.

Since Thanksgiving, which was by all accounts, a gastronomical challenge, we have cut the Christmas tree for ourselves, and one for Grandma Jane,

2013-11-29 11.59.52


and wrapped presents,

2013-12-05 16.06.05

and made paper ‘Advent Chains,’

2013-12-05 16.08.07

(There is one for everyone, complete with love notes written by all of us, inside each link, to be opened every day in December.)

2013-12-05 16.07.57

and lit our outside tree with a gazillion non-eco-friendly light bulbs,


and had only a couple melt downs in between.  (Okay, that was just me….)

We have three different ‘themes’ for our Christmas tree, because I’m ridiculously fickle, and rarely can make up my mind. They are: 1) ‘Old World’, with old mercury glass ornaments and burgundy and gold and rich, dark evergreen satin ribbon, 2.) ‘Montana’, with moose, pine cones, lanterns, and all kinds of animal glass ornaments. and 3.) ‘Sugar Plums and Bon-Bons’.   Every year the theme revolves, and this year, it is the Sugar Plum tree!

What, pray tell, is a Sugar Plum Tree?  It’s Lindt Bon-Bons,

2013-12-05 16.04.40

and Lifesavers,

2013-12-05 16.04.53

and Crazy Bitter Dark Chocolate for My Captain.

2013-12-05 16.05.40

It’s also glass ornaments of sweets that we could not otherwise hang on the tree for a month,

2013-12-05 16.03.01

2013-12-05 16.01.48

(I love this one!  Varmint picked it out years ago.)

2013-12-05 16.04.16

And it wouldn’t be right without our Hershey Kisses…

2013-12-05 16.03.29

Fully edible Gingerbread men will be put on next week. In the meantime, however, we have some felt wanna-be’s from when Varmint and Critter were wee ones.

2013-12-05 16.02.40

Some ornaments go on all three different themed trees.  These are the “OH!”, and the “I remember this!”, and the “Honey, get me some tissues to wipe my eyes, will you?” ornaments.

Like Critter and Varmint’s Preschool angels.

2013-12-05 16.05.29

And my dear friend Liz’s daughter, Melissa, as one of the world’s cutest snowmen.  She’s 11 years old now…. (insert sniffle).

2013-12-05 16.04.05

And since I have yet to figure out what would be the best topper for this kind of Christmas tree, I simply plunk down a peppermint striped bow.  Eventually I’ll think of something better.  I’m certainly open to suggestions!

2013-12-05 16.02.11

And I hope you know that I’m detail-oriented enough to be sure that most of the wrapping paper is also Bon-Bon themed!

2013-12-05 16.05.54

Good enough to eat!

But Mama! Where is Jesus??!  Where do you pay homage to the One whose celebration this is all about?

Oh PLEASE!  As if I could forget the most important part of this season.   But, you know me, I have to bow to it in my own, God-given style.


Some people think our lack of gravity about the whole season is disrespectful.  I disagree.  We’re all about joy and grace in this Little Cottage, not mockery.   We’ve got too much love and laughter going on to be contemptuous!  We save THAT little nugget for the Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s day….who TO THIS DAY eludes me.

The little green bastard……


2013-12-17 07.36.03


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3 thoughts on “~ Sugar Plums and A Moose Nativity ~

  1. Liz

    It’s all just PERFECT! I LOVE the bow on the top of the tree! And that lil’ snowman? Well, now, SHE’S just ACES! 😉 (Can’t believe you still have that & still put it up! LOL! Thanks!) Meant to order me one-a doze moose nativity scenes, but forgot. I suppose they’re all gone by now…

  2. Victoria

    I love all the decorating you do for the holidays. I especially like the Moose Nativity set you have, unique, just like you! The topper for the bon-bon tree has to be a bunch of candy canes, tied in a bow, to sit atop that luscious tree. Merry Christmas to you all!

    • That’s a really good idea! I think I’ll look for some giant ones the next year that it’s a Bon-Bon tree, and see if it doesn’t look grand!

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