~ Human Tampers ~

We’re ready to lay some Sod, baby!

(Wait, what?)

The patio!  It’s in!  We just need to lay the final sod up to the brick pavers.   Our good buddy, Muddy, (yes, that is really his name) is bringing it Thursday.  So we needed to get the base top soil ready.

(The what?)

Base Top Soil.

(What the Sam hell are you talking about, woman?  Is it the base, or is it the top?)

We needed to get the bottom layer of dirt prepped.  Geesh.

And we couldn’t use the gas-powered tamper to do it, because it would compact the soil base too densely.  And none of us wanted to use the hand tamper, because THAT would have taken forever.

My Captain decided we could all just put our muckboots on and stomp on it, and he even suggested we do it to music.

Critter was NOT excited about this.  He wouldn’t have minded just stomping the dirt down, but he REALLY didn’t want to watch us dance.



And the last thing he should have done was let me know this, because Hello?! OW!  Hurtful!!!

Especially when it was so clearly HAMMER TIME!!

2013-10-20 13.53.57

If you haven’t seen a 220lb, arthritic, middle-aged soccer mom get jiggy wit it to ‘Cant’ Touch This,’ while tamping base top soil, YOU. HAVE. NOT. LIVED.

2013-10-20 13.54.06

And Critter mourns because it is a vision so permanently sealed into his brain he will never see the world the same again……

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