~ Fingers To The Bone ~

Need proof?  Need proof that I am the world’s most amazingly hard-working, brick-laying Mama Boe? Do ya?  Huh?

2013-09-15 18.52.38

What would it take to make you believe it, other than the staged photograph above?

How about THIS staged photograph?

2013-09-15 22.44.56

Actually, it isn’t staged, but what it IS, is my favorite pair of gardening gloves that apparently are not interchangeable for paver-laying gloves.  That thar is leather that’s been worked clean through to my widdle fingers.

2013-09-15 22.45.04

Look at how menacing that simple hand becomes when you curl the fingers just a little bit.  Rrraaaarrrr!

Sorry. I don’t spend a lot of time with adults, clearly.

We got a lot farther on laying the bricks for the floor of the patio today, My Captain and I.  He finished the base layers of rock and sand, and I did the laying.

I was the layer.

He asked me to take charge of laying.

He did the prep work and I finished the lay-job.

Nope, there is no way I can word that, that it doesn’t sound dirty.

But, (cough), turns out I am the best layer he’s ever known.

Ba Dum Bum!

Exit, stage left!


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