~ Best Friends ~

My Captain’s oldest and best friend, Ty, is, and always has been, a hottie.


They became best friends in third grade and grew up in our small town together!


How cool is that?   Talk about a sense of continuity.


But equally cool is the fact that both My Captain and Ty are tall, dark, and handsome.  Both are fabulously in shape hunks of extreme masculinity.  Both are Fire Captains with decades of Fire and Rescue experience.  Both are Seasoned Paramedics and teachers of Paramedicine.   Both have a fantastic sense of humor, are trusted leaders, and devoted family men.

Both have AMAZING wives.

No, seriously.


Ty met Maggie years ago in the fire service.


Maggie is a firefighter/paramedic as well, and heroic as any manly-man firefighter you ever met.


She’s even been decorated for her heroic efforts on the fireground!  (If I wanted to get REALLY obnoxious about it, I would tell you that both Maggie and Ty have been decorated…which is rare, …obnoxiously rare.  They’re the best of the best, I tell you!)


It’s not just that she is tough and heroic, smart, brave, and talented, though.  She is also incredibly BEAUTIFUL.  I mean gorgeous.  I mean drop. dead. holy. crap. take-a-double-look striking.


They started out as co-workers, and then they became friends, and then they became so much more….all while saving lives and fighting raging fires.  Can you imagine the drama that swirled around them as their love grew?  Good Lord, no Hallmark Movie could come close to it.  I would SO love to write a romance novel about their love story.


Don’t get me wrong, My Captain and I have romance too, but ours is more of a romantic comedy.  Ty and Maggie are like, right out of some Jane Austen story,

2013-07-25 19.13.34

and My Captain’s and my relationship more resembles something along the lines of “I Love Lucy.”


The love is there!  But it often has to fight its way through bongo drums and chocolate candy assembly lines.


Anyway, the four of us met for dinner the other night.  I don’t know how she let me, but somehow I talked Maggie, who is like, a quarter of my size, out of her Zinfandel or whatever the hell sissy drink she was about to order, and talked her into about three martinis, ranging from chocolate to lemon drop.

2013-07-25 19.28.19

I don’t remember much of the details of the conversation, which is unfortunate since I was trying to get the scoop of their romance for the blog.  But I DO know we had a darn good time.

And I’m happy to report that, with all they have been through together, My Captain and Ty’s friendship is old enough and tight enough to withstand a little, er, silliness from their spouses.

2013-07-25 19.14.06

Which, if you have come to understand me at all, you’ll know is a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “~ Best Friends ~

  1. Great post. I am always amazed by the cool people God has put into my life. Nice to learn a little bit more about 4 that I really like and admire.

  2. Anonymous

    Great story of you all…Friendships that last through the years are amazing as well as fun loving and that is what you have..I love you all!

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