~ It Done Did Exploded ~

We were gone for nearly 3 weeks.  Three gorgeous weeks away from home.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a little ridiculous when it comes to gardening around our little cottage.  There is no such thing as too many flowers.  It’s an illness, this excessive personality of mine, that tends to manifest itself in areas beyond gardening, too, unfortunately.

Areas like food.

And sleep.

And panic attacks.

But we are not here to talk about my personal psychoses.  There just aren’t enough pixels in the world to exhaust that subject.

It’s the cottage garden, you see.

It done did exploded while we were gone.

My lilies grew over 8 feet tall and then flopped over.  They weren’t supposed to do that.  I guess substituting Bull Testosterone for Miracle Grow really made a difference.

My Impatiens are easily a foot and a half high.  Mind you, these are healthy, non-fungus-ridden Impatiens.  The rest of the nation is unable to grow Impatiens these days because of this fungus epidemic.  Me?  I’ve got ’em, they’re beautiful, and they ain’t sick.  My secret?  That’s right…Bull Testosterone.

That, and Copper Fungicide.

And my Hydrangeas….well, I may have gone a little overboard with the whole ‘adding acid to the soil to make their hue turn blue’ thing…..ahem.

I have a lot of weeding to do, and my hanging basket of Million Bells by the window is done for, from not being watered daily, but all in all, I was pleased to come home to it.

2013-07-08 14.28.38

If you need me, I will be pushing my wheelbarrow uphill like Sisyphus.

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One thought on “~ It Done Did Exploded ~

  1. Anonymous

    Vury purty!

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