~ Daggum Bifocals ~

I’ve got these damn progressive reading glasses now, and they are ruining my life.

Sounds dramatic, eh?  It’s nothing less than the truth!

I have to move my head up and down to find the right spot in the lens to be able to focus if I’m reading, and then I have to find the other part of the lens if I am doing anything else but reading.

So my head bobs up and down like a bobble head in the back window of a ’74 Buick.  It’s continually nodding in assent.  I’m assenting to everything.  I’m the most agreeable person you’ve ever met these days.  And that is fine and wonderful, except I have two kids who use this turn of events for their own benefit, shamelessly.

I’m agreeing to things I didn’t even know I’d been asked.  People are getting away with murder in this house.  Even My Captain!

I’m ready to pitch these things into the trashcan, but I’m cheap and can’t bring myself to essentially throw away money!

(Oh dear lord, I just heard my father in my own head. And close the damn door!  Are we trying to air condition the whole neighborhood?)

It’s a real problem, but I don’t see an immediate solution.

Hell, I don’t see anything.

Ya’ll might as well jump in on this bandwagon.  If there is something you want from me, make sure I have my readers on before you ask me.

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2 thoughts on “~ Daggum Bifocals ~

  1. Lisa

    I feel your pain lol. They take a looong time to get used to. I still take my glasses off to read sometimes. Ah, the joys of getting older;-) Love your blog!

  2. Don

    Wait til you get to TRIFOCALS!!!!!!!!!

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