~ Rear View ~

We are using a rental car these days instead of my trusty Chevy Equinox, because this past Father’s Day a church van decided to try to parallel park ON TOP OF US.

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe…….

Happy Place.  Happy Place.  Clouds, Cotton Candy, Teddy Bears…..Ok, I’m calm.

My Equinox!  My beautiful Equinox got well and truly squished, and will be at the car hospital, Zamoras, in Buckeyestown, for a good long time.

So the church that owned the van, being a kind and benevolent entity that knows we were more than prepared to lawyer up if need be, thoughtfully had their insurance pay for a rental car for us to use while our Equinox gets super-glued back together.

It’s a 2013 GMC Terrain.  Ugly color, but basically it’s my Equinox in every other way.

EXCEPT for the back-up camera.

You see, my Equinox has a back-up system so intelligent, it almost backs itself up.  On the dashboard camera screen, it shows me red lines as to where I’m going, where I need to be, where I shouldn’t be, and it gives me little sound signals during the process so I could be blind while doing it.

And I’ve kind of gotten used to it.

So now when I back up, I tend to look forward, at the camera screen, instead of backwards, where I’m actually moving.

And if I’m driving a car that doesn’t have the back-up system…..

….well, we’ll see if in a few days I don’t need another rental car…….

Look, I’m not a raving idiot.   I mean, not raving.   And I really do have a fairly good driving record.  But I’m distracted,  you see.  As a Type A mom, and general Spaz, I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and issues going on in my head at any given moment; and sometimes taking the time to actually turn my head while I’m backing up just isn’t realistic, you know?

You don’t know?

Well never mind then.

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One thought on “~ Rear View ~

  1. Don

    My, my, all that wasted teaching. Don’t you have mirrors???

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