~ I Keep None For Myself ~

It was during one of the softball games in my Varmint’s double header today, that I found myself in a discussion on the bleachers with a parent who was quoting Shakespeare.  Only it turned out not to be Shakespeare, but rather from The Lord Of The Rings, which, when you think about it, is very like Shakespeare.  That is, unless you are actually familiar with Shakespeare, which I’m not.

What I’m trying to say is, how often do you get into discussions that even remotely revolve around long dead playwrites?  Not often enough, I say!  But don’t listen to me, I make my kids listen to Big Band music from the 40’s.

We were talking about my Varmint’s demeanor during the game, in that she was being very hard on herself, but extremely supportive and encouraging to all of her teammates.  She’d give her friends pats on the backs for their positive efforts, and then turn around and kick herself for missing a pitch.   The mother I was talking to was nodding as I described what I saw in Varmint and said,  “It’s like Shakespeare’s “I give hope to men; I keep none for myself.””

I liked that.

“I give hope to men; I keep none for myself.”

Which Shakespearian play was that in? I wondered aloud.  Several smart phone googles later turned up that it wasn’t Shakespeare at all, but rather Elrond and Arragon in The Lord Of The Rings.

Close enough.

That’s my Varmint for you.  A Shakespearian drama, wrapped up in a pre-pubescent contemporary fantasy, wearing eye-black and last year’s cleats.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

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