~ Snow Day ~

Winter Storm Saturn has arrived here in Dickerson, Maryland, and my Varmint and Critter and I are enjoying the snow day, while My Captain is staged with the Collapse Rescue Team.

We all slept in,…well, we all had the potential to sleep in.  When I crept downstairs at the tender hour of 8:00, I found both children, who fight getting up on any other school day,  sitting in the family room of the little cottage eating Jolly Rancher popsicles, and watching DVDs of The Carol Burnett Show.

It’s like I’m back in 1978…

…only 50 pounds heavier, and sporting substantially more facial hair.

On the agenda for today we’ve got:  baking homemade cinnamon rolls, making cookies, painting snow with spraybottles filled with food coloring and water,  enormous quantities of sibling bickering, and at least three Mommy-meltdowns.

We LOVE snow days!!!

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2 thoughts on “~ Snow Day ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Thanks for the ideas! Mine was up by about 7:15 (her normal school-day time except that she simply canNOT get out of bed THAT EARLY on a SCHOOL day!) & by 8:30 was whining that she didn’t know what to do! She did go outside for about 5 minutes, but BIG clumps of snow are falling off of the trees & one went down the back of her neck… GAME OVER!!!

  2. Maureen

    Wait! What channel is Carol Burnett on??? My fav!

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