~ Tokens of Infection ~

Last February I showed you our beloved candy jar in ~ Tokens of Affection ~.

We’ve added a little something new on the candy spectrum to the room this year.  A nod, so to speak, to our mortality.  A bow to our recent illnesses.

Behold, the new candy bowl, lovingly known as “Tokens of Infection“, or  “Polka-Dotted Bowl O’ Health.


Basically, it’s a bowl full of multi-citrus-flavored Vitamin-C candy drops.  They’re pretty tasty, so before you snicker, try one!  Try a couple!  Try several, Daggum it!  Because they’re not merely candy! No. No! NO!  They are VITAMINS, after all!

Sorry for all the yelling and exclamation points.  I’m excitable.

Here’s the thing:   If you are going to eat a whole slew of them at once, don’t, for goodness sake, eat the sugar-free ones.

Because, apparently, those will give you… er… gastrointestinal distress of the acutest kind.

And, if you were to do that, we’d have to re-name the Bowl O’ Health to something entirely different, and I just don’t have the energy.

I don’t want to sugar up my family any more than the next soccer-mom, but I also don’t want a bowl full of colon stimulators.  So, in my great maternal wisdom, I mixed the two kinds together in the bowl.  That way sometimes you’ll get a sugar-free Vitamin-C drop, and sometimes you’ll get the real sugary deal.

It’s gastrointestinal Russian Roulette.  And, like Mary Poppins, I like to make everything in life a little more fun.

Candy anyone?


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