~ Mouth Breathing ~

We’ve been fighting illness in our house.  To call it Gastroenteritis is a kind understatement.  It would be more accurate to call it “Effluence 2013: Where anything that CAN shoot out of a body orifice at high velocity, will.”

And the things that usually come jetting out, look, smell, and feel totally grody, Man.

The only way I, as designated muck collector, can avoid puking during the sanitizing process is to:  1) think only happy thoughts and 2) breathe through my mouth, instead of my nose.

Because if I get even one whiff of those vapors…it’s over.

We’re not talking dry heaves.  We’re talking the whole gamut of retching and its various forms.

….which would then start off a chain reaction around the house.

…..which would then create more for me, the muck collector, to collect, remove, and sanitize.

So you see how Mouth-Breathing is an absolute necessity.

It’s an art, really.  One I’ve had to perfect since I birthed my life-force sucking little critters.

Just another one of those things that makes me useful around the house…….


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