~ How to Cut Down a Christmas Tree with a Pocket Knife ~

The day dawned gloriously sunny; there wasn’t a moment to lose.

We had a happy mission before us!  So we rushed over the river and through the woods, picked up Grandma Jane, and then made our way to Mayne’s Christmas Tree Farm .

Our object: to hunt down, kill, and retrieve a this year’s Tantembaum.

2012-12-01 14.42.08

“Ok,” you think.  “So what?”

Hang on, friends!  Hang on!  This was a special gift, you see.  This was no ordinary tree cutting.

2012-12-01 14.42.41

Because our 9-year-old Critter was absolutely SET on cutting down his grandmother’s tree.

2012-12-01 14.48.01

Grandma Jane, God Bless Her, was patient, and willing and after she had chosen the perfect tree, just sat down on the grass to let her Critter have his way.  He wanted to cut down his Grandmother’s Christmas Tree, and By God, he was going to do it!

2012-12-01 14.51.19

They discussed the how’s and wherefores.

2012-12-01 14.51.40

They strategized the cut.

2012-12-01 14.52.15

They considered possible pit-falls.

2012-12-01 14.52.52

And he laid out his plan of action.

2012-12-01 14.53.32

And then he got out his trusty Multi-Tool with 3″ saw blade from Canada.

2012-12-01 14.38.43

And got down to business.

2012-12-01 14.40.08

He had no illusions that this would be a quick job.

2012-12-01 14.40.39

Though he probably didn’t count on all the sap he would be getting in his hair.

2012-12-01 14.39.14

And he probably wished it weren’t so uncomfortable.

2012-12-01 14.39.26

But his family was there to encourage him and that motivated him tremendously.

2012-12-01 14.42.23

Though to be fair to them, it was a trial in patience and perseverance for everyone.

2012-12-01 14.56.27

And eventually he had to admit that he’d need to use My Captain’s big-boy saw.

2012-12-01 14.41.15

And My Captain had to help him out with that a bit, but just a bit!

2012-12-01 14.55.56

2012-12-01 14.56.07

And in the end, with a little push from My Captain….

2012-12-01 14.54.26

It came down.

2012-12-01 14.58.09

And Grandma Jane?  She won’t forget this particular Christmas gift any time soon.

2012-12-01 14.56.39

Or the moment’s leading up to it.

2012-12-01 14.51.19

Merry Christmas, Mom!  We love you!

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2 thoughts on “~ How to Cut Down a Christmas Tree with a Pocket Knife ~

  1. Rani C

    I am going to have lunch with Grandma Jane next week and will tell her how happy I am for her and I’ll call her Lucky Grandma Jane.

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